Win the Sale Workshop

Win The Sale Workshop with John DeRosa a Sales Seminar


If you want to close more sales and maximize your profitability, then this is the workshop for you. 
WIN THE SALE is a complete sales-training program designed to enhance your success through better utilization of the sales process, the development of a sales system, and pricing strategies that influence the buyer to spend more with you. This powerful workshop combines both interpersonal and functional selling skills into a strategically focused experience that is designed to reflect your business’ day-to-day challenges, opportunities, and competitive reality. 
You will learn practical, ready-to-use selling strategies to grow your profits by boosting close rates at higher margins. 

Bend, OR

DATE: Tuesday, June 8th, 2023.
TIME: 9 AM to 3 PM (Lunch Provided)
VENUE: Hilton Garden Inn
425 SW Bluff Drive
Bend, OR 

Biography of John DeRosa


Invest in the Customer

    • Understand how to use the sales process to earn the four commitments necessary to close the sale. 
    • Learn to develop trust, credibility, and rapport with others to quickly by earning the “trusted advisor” status you will need to close the sale. Develop a price-conditioning strategy that gives your prospect a more realistic expectation of the project’s cost – and helps position your price as a “good deal”. 
    • How to ask better questions and use the answers to build a presentation that positions you as the contractor of choice for the project.

Present With a Purpose

    • Understand why it is important to distinguish between Features, Advantages, and Benefits and how to determine the key components of your company’s value proposition. 
    • The framework for delivering a company story that reduces “think about it” and “shop around” objections – making it easier for you to secure the agreement.
    • Tips for delivering your product presentation and using psychological pricing strategies that motivates the prospect to spend more with you (upsell). 

Close for Results

    • Learn different closing techniques and apply them for results.
    • Know how to prepare for the objections you will hear and answer them when you hear them. 
    • Never leave a sale.

These Workshops are Sponsored by ProFund.

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