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Specialty Materials

Our wide range of specialty building materials includes brands and products that can fulfill any purpose. We carry the best brands and offer a wide variety of products in Insulation, Lumber, Skylights, and much more.

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Lumber is a cornerstone in providing structural support. It’s chosen for its robustness, lasting power, and uniformity, guaranteeing that construction projects stand the test of time. Our selection covers an extensive range of types and sizes, fitting a multitude of uses, from the framework right down to the final details. We’re dedicated to supplying you with premium-grade lumber tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring your construction projects are not just completed, but remarkably successful.


Insulation solutions are highly regarded for their top-notch thermal performance. They’re key in slashing energy costs and mastering climate control indoors. These solutions are not only lightweight, but they also play nicely with various roofing systems. They bring the added perks of stellar soundproofing and fire resistance. Whether it’s a commercial build or a residential upgrade, roofing insulation is a necessity, boosting the efficiency and comfort of any building.

Velux Skylights


As a professional maximizing natural light is key, skylights are essential for their impact on both aesthetics and energy efficiency. The skylights we carry are known for their durability and innovative design, effectively reducing the need for artificial lighting. We offer a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect match for any architectural design. Incorporating these skylights into your projects not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves the living environment within the space.

Engineered Wood​

Engineered wood is a standout choice for construction. It’s specifically designed to combat warping and splitting, bringing a level of longevity and dependability to your projects. Perfect for a variety of uses, it offers the natural allure of wood but with superior performance.  It’s crafted from sustainable resources, making it a responsible choice. Whether it’s for residential or commercial endeavors, our engineered wood delivers the flexibility and sturdiness required to meet the demands of modern construction.